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Borrow from our favorite garden design ideas or create your own. Then head to your garden center with a sure-to-thrive list of plants and combinations that look and work great—on your balcony, your deck, and beyond.

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We’re talking Indoor Bulbs!

Spring is just around the corner.  But...

why wait for your

favorite flowers?

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Whether you’re starting with a plant you love and are looking for companion plants to complete the look, or you’re browsing for garden designs and ideas to inspire your next project, you’ve come to the right place! Check out or plant library to find the flowers, trees, and shrubs that fit your color palette and light conditions or start with a bloom time go from there. Either way you’ll find great garden ideas and designs that help you narrow down the choices and find the ones that work for you.

Already have a garden theme in mind? Then head to our collections page for garden design ideas that fit the bill – from gardens that attract butterflies, to plants that thrive in the shade, bright blooms to pastel hues, our collections have something for everyone. All of our garden designs and ideas are simple to create using six plants or less! Once you’ve found your favorite collections, simply print out a shopping list and head to the garden center. Our  garden ideas and designs are just a starting point. We also help demystify terms and techniques that can be confusing to beginners and seasoned gardeners alike. Over the years, our experts have picked up lots of useful tips and helpful advice that we share on our reference page. Each season we feature some gardening wisdom we’ve picked up along the way that simplifies the chores, leaving more time to enjoy the garden.

Of course there are certain flowers, trees, plants, and shrubs that deserve more than a place in our plant library or a mention in our collections of garden designs and ideas. Browse our feature articles to learn more about irresistibly fragrant blooms, spectacular flowers, air-purifying indoor plants, reliable garden workhorses, and more. Each article offers care tips, inspiring photographs, helpful care tips, and garden ideas and designs. Working with  breeders, growers, and garden centers we have the inside track on the latest trends and garden design ideas. We continuously update our plant library and garden collections so be sure to pay us a visit before your next garden center visit or drop us a line if you have any questions. We are here to help!

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